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Winter/Spring 2018
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Aging With Dignity: Creating a Retirement Lifestyle

Planning for aging should take into account the physical, emotional, and mental consequences of living a long life, but it can be difficult to have these conversations. We’ll help by facilitating open discussions about things like talking with your parents or children about planning for the future; developing active listening skills; how perceptions and priorities regarding health, family, and money can change over time; where you want to live as you age and what your needs will be in that place; what personal care looks like in different types of facilities, what it costs, and who pays for it; access to medical care, shopping, social activities, and support systems; chronic disease self-management; and fall prevention and making your home safer.

Aging With Dignity: Creating a Retirement Lifestyle
218 5/8
Tu  7-9pm
Rosenman, Fried-Tanzer Staples High School
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