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Fall 2018
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Conversational German

A major world language, German is spoken by 95 million people worldwide. Without German, we wouldn’t have delicatessens, pumpernickel, or pretzels. And where would we be without zeitgeist, angst, and kitsch? In the hinterlands, that’s where! This class will cover basic conversational German, with a focus on vocabulary and pronunciation, and a little grammar thrown in for fun. You’ll be introduced to German culture, customs, and idioms. Students who have taken Conversational German, or who have some knowledge of German, are encouraged to return; new students are always welcome. Students should bring to class Learn German the Fast and Fun Way (4th edition) by Neil Donahue.

Conversational German
163 10/1
Mo  3:30-5:30pm
Kibel Staples High School
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