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Fall 2018
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MELT Method®: Reduce Neck & Low Back Pain

Learn key MELT Method® techniques to reduce neck pain and low back aches. Learn how to reduce chronic back pain, rehydrate your connective tissue, and rebalance your nervous system with this simple self-treatment method. You'll see improved alignment and muscle timing, plus reduced inflammation, joint compression, and pain. If you feel stiff in the morning, have neck, back, or shoulder pain, trouble sleeping, this class is for you. The session will end with a sampling of complementary essential oils and a brief review of their healing and stimulating properties. 

Bring an exercise mat and water. Participants should be able to get on and off the floor with little difficulty. MELT tools are provided for use during class: MELT soft rollers, ball kits, and the bestselling MELT Method® book are available for purchase from the instructor.

MELT Method®: Reduce Neck & Low Back Pain
165 10/16
Tu  7-8:30pm
Rzasa Staples High School
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