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Fall 2018
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Mindful Learning: For Parents, Teachers & Students

A recent American Psychological Association survey concluded that stress is an epidemic for children and families. But you probably didn’t need an expert to tell you that: the May/June issue of Westport Magazine featured the distressing statistic that nearly 1 in 4 teenagers suffer from anxiety. For students, stress impairs attention, mood, sleep, and learning readiness. For teachers, stress can decrease productivity and creativity and increase frustration and anxiety. For parents, stress can lead to a parenting style that looks more like a to-do list than an engaged and empathetic relationship with their children. Join Dr. Paul Epstein and learn how you or your student can move from the 3 Rs of education—reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic—to the 3 Rs of mindful education: reflection, relationship, and resilience. The benefits of mindfulness include improved attention and focus, self-control, resilience and adaptability, and compassion, and even a little training in the practice can lead to a big payoff in the classroom and beyond.

Mindful Learning: For Parents, Teachers & Students
943 10/2
Tu  7-9pm
Epstein Staples High School
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