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Fall 2018
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Overcoming Procrastination

Is your home office filled with unfinished projects? Do you put off until tomorrow what you should be doing today? Thinking about waiting and taking this class next time? You’re not alone: the tendency to procrastinate is prevalent in nearly a quarter of adults. If you’re a perennial procrastinator, if putting it off is impacting your life, if you want to break free of this pernicious and problematic pattern, then this is the class for you. Whether you’d like to be more efficient at work, change your diet, start exercising, or rid yourself of those pesky piles of paperwork, you can accomplish your long held—and long postponed!—dreams and goals. Learn how to take active steps to get important tasks done, be on time, finish those big projects, and bring your ideas to fruition. There really is no time like the present!

Overcoming Procrastination
927 11/8
Th  7-9pm
Lovallo Staples High School
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