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Winter/Spring 2019
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Dancing to the Sounds of the 60s

Tired of the same old exercise routine? Looking for a new way to elevate your heart rate, loosen up your joints, and burn a few calories? Get off the treadmill and join our Fred Astaire Dance-trained instructor on the dance floor. Even if you donít remember the Mashed Potato or the Watusi, itís never a bad time to boogie to the beat of the 60s. Learn (or relearn) the steps to the dance crazes of that landmark era, then shake off stress and share in the sheer joy of shakiní your groove thing. Come for the classic rock-n-roll; stay for the Shimmy and the Shake.

Dancing to the Sounds of the 60s
957 3/14
Th  7-8:30pm
Colafrancesco Staples High School
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