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Winter/Spring 2019
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Beyond Dieting: Why Diets Alone Donít Work & What Does

When it comes to weight loss, thereís no magic cure, no silver bullet, no quick fix. If youíre ready to break a pattern of yo-yo dieting or are tired of programs focused on restricting food rather than enjoying it, join naturopathic physician Dr. Paul Epstein and explore a more holistic approach to weight loss. Weíll discuss how to individualize and customize an approach that's both unique to and right for your mind, body, and emotions, one that supports long-term change and healing rather than instant results. Why is the recidivism rate for the popular weight loss programs over 90%? Because weight is not the disease; weight is a symptom. And itís an opportunity for deeper transformation. So if youíre ready for an approach that really works, if youíre ready to lose it and keep it off, consider this for a change: instead of dieting, begin a process of self-love, healing, and transformation.

Beyond Dieting: Why Diets Alone Donít Work & What Does
947 3/5
Tu  7-9pm
Epstein Staples High School
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